New Perspectives Of Academic Essay Writing Fri, 17 Aug 2018 11:30:38 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Good Psychology Term Paper Topics: 7 Areas To Explore Tue, 27 Mar 2018 12:18:30 +0000 Well in order to make sure that you do a great job in writing the term paper on psychology, you will have to keep these things in mind before you start writing. There are multiple steps involved, some of them are not so pretty but it doesn’t matter, you will be able to say “ Yes, it was worth it “ in the end. Making sure that you pick the best topic is probably one of the most important parts, since the whole paper will evolve around this main idea. Here are a few quick suggestions to research on and see which one suits your style best.

  1. Mind Control. Well this has been a very controversial subject in the past and still is to this day, because of the mass disinformation that the population is experiencing at the moment. In order to understand that this is possible, you have to look into some of the most famous authors and study their work a great example being Carl G Jung. Once you understand some concepts and you realize how the human mind works, how primal instincts can affect our life in a matter of seconds, how the subconscious is something you can’t reach from a primal state, at such a low frequency like today. Once you understand how easy it is to implant an idea into someone’s mind, and to play with the “controls” , you will realize that most of the population at the moment is on one level or another mind controlled. Brainwashed, call it whatever you want. Assignment geek is a great way to turn in your writing assignments in time.
  2. Subliminal messages. Well this is something that is used every day, so researching a little bit on this might help you understand everything better.
  3. Mass psychology. A great form of manipulation, how it was used in history ( Hitler has used this tactic numerous times and look where it got him ) and it’s being used today as well, for the same main purpose, just different forms of applying the knowledge. Control has always been one of the most important aspects for the people in power.
  4. Social anxiety. Well this is a subject that, although it’s not something way to interesting, it’s something that almost everyone suffers at some point, so if you take into consideration a big target audience, this is a win.
  5. Freedom. Well this is something that most people don’t get, but freedom is a state of mind, and it has it’s roots into psychology.
  6. Primal instincts. This is something that we rely on everyday, and it’s controlling our lives even if we like it or not.
  7. Kids psychology. Some work in this domain could revolutionize the education system, and trust me, we need it.
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Business Decision Making Fri, 23 Feb 2018 12:14:48 +0000 1.1
Collection of data

This study was conducted by way of a survey, which questioned those who were surveyed about personal preference for two fast food establishments­–Shakey’s and Pizza Hut.

Survey Methodology


This study was conducted by Second-Year students of Southville International School handing out and collecting the survey data. This method of survey was used because it was flexible for the participants and the researchers. Additionally, the use of hand-collected surveys allowed the researchers to check the information immediately for accuracy and to analyse the data quickly. It was cost efficient in that there were no computer-based costs associated with distributing and collecting the materials.

Sampling Frame

The survey was made for the two restaurants that comprise the priorities of people’s choices on food: Pizza Hut and Shakey’s. The data collected is based on the responses of 10 individuals who have participated in the survey. The information collected of the restaurant’s visitors comprised of their name, age, time of day when they mostly visit the restaurant, their gender, which of the two restaurants they prefer most, how long they usually wait for the services, how long they wait for the food, their rating of the customer service provided and the location of the restaurant they visited. In other words, the qualitative analysis of data was chosen for the conduct of the survey.

The main goal of the collected information is to improve business operations. What’s more, the collected information can help the business get what customers want best and serve them better. It is in line with the business goal of maximizing profit but at the same time provide exceptional customer service. This information can help the business to reduce its operation costs. Methods of advertising and when exactly to advertise can be best influenced by the information collected.


The questionnaire for this study is composed of 8 questions:

Sample questionnaire

  1. Which of the two, Shakey’s and Pizza hut do you prefer?
  2. How often do you visit your preferred restaurant? (in a week)
  3. Would you recommend a colleague to that restaurant?
  4. What do you like most about Shakey’s?
  5. What do you like most about Pizza Hut?
  6. How would you rate Pizza Hut services? (Good, Bad, Very Good)
  7. How would you rate Shakey’s services? (Good, Bad, Very Good)
  8. What improvements would like to see in the restaurant?

2.1 – 2.3 Analysis of results

The following analysis of the data can be used. The first and foremost conclusion that can be drawn from the survey evidence that more people prefer Pizza Hut to Shakey’s as the preference of the restaurant. Several factors influence their choices. Pizza Hut decision to attract customers would be less involving as compared to that of possesses a number of constant visitors. It shall also be mentioned that Pizza Hut should, therefore, look into other areas in order to increase its competitive advantage (Bazerman, 1986). The age of customers’ bracket ranges from fifteen to twenty-five and Pizza Hut attracts both male and female customers equally. Most customers visit Pizza Hut between 1 pm and 8 pm. The average duration of time that a customer has to wait for service is 2.3 units of time. The duration that the customers have to wait for food averages at 14 units of time. The customers rating of the service delivered at Pizza Hut averages at 2.3. The visitation of the different branches of Pizza Hut is even as five individuals prefer to go to the Lap Pinas location as five others prefer the Paranaque branch. The median for arrival time is 5 pm calculated by arranging the values in ascending order then finding the middle value. The median for service time data is 2. The mode for arrival time is 5 pm as it occurs the most number of times, the mode for service time is 1. The 90th percentile for the arrival time data is 7; the median percentile is 5, and the 20th percentile is 1. The 90th percentile for service time data is 5; the median percentile is 2, and the 20th percentile is 1. The first quartile (Q1) for arrival time is 1, and the third quartile (Q3) is 5 for arrival time data. For service time data Q1 is 1 and Q3 are 3. The correlation coefficient of service time and arrival time is -0.43.

2.2 Interpretation of Survey data

The provided data is raw and for it to be beneficial to the fast food restaurant it has to be interpreted and put into a business context. The survey is indicative of a sample population and the data collected from the sample is not entirely true. The first conclusion is that the greater portion of the public prefers the Pizza Hut top Shakey’s. Pizza Hut in this occasion does have the largest market share and can employ economies of scale to make the competition tilt in their favour. For instance due to a large number of customers Pizza Hut can be able to produce beyond their breakeven point and have enough revenue to cover all their expenses. This can enable the fast food restaurant to offer better prices for Pizza and other fast food than direct and indirect rivals.

Basing on the idea that people prefer Pizza Hut top the alternative restaurant, the restaurant should seek to cement customer loyalty and even increase their market share. This is mostly done through the services provided and how they provide those services. From this business, the least time one had to wait for food is 1 unit of time, and the most is five units of time. The average for this is at 2.3 units of time. Pizza Hut should see this as inadequacy the service provision and seek to improve the customer wait time. In order to reduce the wait time, the business can invest in new technology that performs at a higher rate than the one available or even increase the employees. The duration of waiting for food applies almost the same as the customer duration of service and to improve on this the same can be done as it too is below the average. The customer rating is the view of the customer based on his or her own experience from the time he entered the premises to the time he left. A lot of things happen during this time. The service duration, wait for food time, cleanliness, the decoration comes into context as well as the hospitality of the employees at Pizza Hut. This rating is at 2.3 on average which is below the required levels. The restaurant, therefore, need to improve on this by offering additional training to its waitresses, chefs, cleaners and attendants in order create a better impression on the customer. The customers are evenly distributed between the two locations. Therefore, there is no need to increase the branches. The median value for service delivery is two meaning Pizza Hut should work on reducing this figure further.

The median arrival time 5 indicates this is the time when the business is at its peak operations. The mode being shows that most people visit the restaurant at 5 pm. The mode for service time 1 is not very bad and shows that the business is doing well in reducing service time to the least. The 90th percentile for the arrival time is seven while the 20th percentile is 1. This shows that most activity occurs between 1 and 5 pm, and the business should increase productivity during these hours in order to satisfy customers fully. The Q1 for the arrival time is 1 and Q3 are five; most business activities occur at this hour as seen through other statistical measures. Q1 for service time is 1 and Q3 are 3. The best is 1 and 3 are towards a negative impression; the business should strive to attain a 1 in this sector. The correlation coefficient is -0.43 which shows that the strength of arrival time is not service delivery is not very strong.

2.3 Analysis using measures of dispersion

No less important is to mention that statistical analysis is vital in business decision-making in regards for numerical terms of the collected data. Therefore, this part of business analysis is dedicated to understanding of various measures of dispersion.

The standard deviation for the group is 2.538 for arrival time and 1.487 for service delivery time. The variance for the arrival time is 6.442 and the variance for service delivery time is 2.211. The coefficient correlation remains to be -0.43 which shows a weak correlation between the two variables.

The information calculated above shows that the deviation from the mean arrival time is approximately 2.5 service delivery is 1.5. The ratio is favourable and it should be enough to serve customers. If the service delivery deviation would have been more than arrival time then there would be a problem of attending to the number of customers and the operations would most likely grind to a halt. The negative correlation shows that the two sets of data are not strongly related.

Variance brings out the deviations between the observation and the mean. Standard deviation is the square root of the variance.

Quartiles and Correlation Coefficient

Quartiles and percentiles are used to show representative measure. Percentiles show the percentage of value that are below a certain value for instance 3rd quartile shows that 75 percent are below an amount and 25 percent are above a certain amount (Gilligan, Neale and Murray, 1983). Quartiles can be divided into 1st quartile, 2nd quartile, 3rd quartile and 4th in order to make a business decision.

The correlation coefficient is a statistical concept that is used to measure the linear strength between two variables. The correlation coefficient is always denoted by letter “r” and runs from-1 to +1. The closer is to +1 the stronger the relationship. This relationship helps businesses in making decisions. The purpose of the quartile and the correlation makes an important evidence of the importance of business analysis in terms of future predictions. Therefore, it shall also be taking into account for making the research thorough and clear.

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List of Interesting Topic Suggestions for a Global Economy Term Paper Sun, 21 Jan 2018 12:05:33 +0000 The global or international economy is a broad field that contains many topics for research. It might take you a lot of time to come up with a good subject to conduct an investigation on. You may need some topic examples that will inspire you on your own original idea. Look at the list of interesting suggestions below.

  1. World economic governance and global instability.
  2. Suggestions for improving international economic policy.
  3. Economic nationalism and international relations.
  4. Trade policy of the U.S. and global growth.
  5. International economy and industry dynamics.
  6. The global economy and the information age.
  7. The influence of China and India on the global economy.
  8. International economy and third world development.
  9. Emerging markets and their future in the global economy.
  10. Global trade regimes and socio-economic strategies in Africa.
  11. A third world perspective on the new international economic order.
  12. International business in the modern global economy.
  13. International business and ethics.
  14. Energy issues in the global economy.
  15. The influence of Latin America on the world economy.

You should keep in mind that to write a good term paper on a topic related to economics, you should conduct a thorough investigation. You should consult your instructor to learn about the best sources that you may rely upon in your research. When searching for the necessary theoretical materials, it’s advisable to use not only your college or university database but also national databases. This way, you’ll find more relevant data and conduct a better study.

You may also use the services of a third party to compose a term paper of the highest quality. For example, you may contact an academic center in your hometown. Such an organization will provide you with decent sample papers and give you valuable advice on how to structure your document.

If you don’t have time to conduct a proper investigation and write a paper by yourself, you may hire MyHomeworkDone. A professional agency will provide you with a custom-written paper on any topic. All you need to do is to make your order properly. You should indicate the subject of your research, the sources that a writer should use, the length and format of a document, and the deadline that a writer should meet.

Unfortunately, not all companies on the Internet are professional and reliable. If you don’t know a service that can be trusted, you may use this online resource. Their trustworthiness is undeniable.

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How To Write An Outstanding Essay About Money And Love Tue, 07 Feb 2017 13:34:31 +0000 The subject of money and love can be explored endlessly, and it is often the subject of many academic assignments. Since the subject invites a lot of personal view and opinions, students often have trouble writing effective essays because they don’t know how to properly go about completing the assignment. The following article shows you everything you need to know about writing an outstanding essay about money and love deserving of a high grade:

  1. Develop an original and interesting topic
  2. The first step in writing an outstanding essay about money and love is simply developing an original and interesting topic. It’s good to write out a few different ideas by brainstorming and then determining whether there is enough content available to write on without it being too overwhelming to explore in-depth. Also you can use professional essay writing service to get more ideas.

  3. Look up some background information
  4. Search for some background material online. You can do simple keyword searches to read up on some articles that discuss money and love from different perspectives. This should provide you with a pretty good understanding of the questions, issues, and key terminology surrounding your topic.

  5. Develop a strong argument statement
  6. After gathering enough background information you should be able to develop a strong argument statement which represents the main point you are trying to express about the topic. Ordering a term paper of your dream at Term Paper Easy is only one click away. A good thesis statement should be clear and concise, without leaving any confusion as to what you will be trying to prove.

  7. Research supporting resource materials
  8. Now, it’s time to get down to the nitty gritty. Most of your supporting resource materials should be from government or academic sources. And while you can find some material online, the majority should be accessed from the library’s collection or databases.

  9. Create an outline and write the first draft
  10. As soon as you have enough content to adequately support your thesis statement or argument, you should arrange related ideas into clusters and create an outline structured to effectively present your argument in the most logical way possible. Check out for juicy discounts and affordable prices. Use this outline to guide your work when writing the first essay draft.

  11. Revise, edit and proofread the final draft
  12. Finally, be sure to revise, edit and proofread the final essay draft before submittal. Do each of these activities separately to ensure you give each one the necessary focus to write an outstanding essay. Leave yourself plenty of room in between each activity so that you aren’t working with clouded or overwhelmed mindset.

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Where Do I Need To Go To Find A Well-Written Literature Essay Example? Tue, 07 Feb 2017 13:29:26 +0000 Writing an essay on literature isn’t an easy thing to accomplish. We understand that most students fumble around trying to find last minute help but often fail in the process because of a lack of reliable guidance. We’re here to help. Here are some great suggestions for places to go to when you need to find well-written literature essay examples:

  1. Go Straight to the Pros
  2. Professional writing services are you one stop shop for all your academic writing needs. It’s a surprise that more students don’t make this a part of their regular routine. Academic writing services are highly affordable and offer unbeatable service. Simply phone in your custom order and a representative will give you an option of expert literature writers to choose from. You will get your custom essay delivered to you before your deadline discretely so no one but you has to ever know.

  3. Get a Freelancer to Help
  4. Hiring a freelancer to provide you with a custom written literature essay example is a great option. Similar to hiring a professional service as recommended above, freelancers will take your individual project and give you everything you need without copying or recycling content from other sources. Freelancers will deal directly with you, so you have the opportunity to negotiate prices. Once you find the right fit you’ll have a well-written literature essay example sent to you in no time.

  5. Ask the Online Community
  6. The online community is another great method for getting a well-written literature essay example on any topic. Community members from all over the world gather in academic chatrooms and discussion forums to exchange ideas and resources in order to provide an alternative and more convenient form of assistance for fellow students. Post your request online and you should receive ample responses within a matter of minutes. Download several examples so that you have options to choose from.

  7. Don’t Forget Your Instructor
  8. Many students never go to their instructors for help, and it’s the same students who often are struggling in class. Literature essays are not the easiest assignment to write and instructors know this. They keep well-written examples handy just for the purpose of offering them to students who need some guidance with their work. Ask your professor for an example soon after hearing about the assignment. The example will give you a pretty solid understanding of what he or she expects from you and will make writing you own essay much easier.

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Coming Up With Strong Argument Persuasive Essay Topics Wed, 06 Jul 2016 09:23:02 +0000 Choosing a topic for writing a persuasive essay can be hard and you need to possess a keen eye to select one that is both interesting and relevant. You need to be flexible when it comes to selecting the right topic; ensure that it is uncommon and something that your peers would not go for easily. This will provide you with plenty of opportunity but it also has its share of problems. If you select a bad subject, you cannot hope to write a decent paper. Thus, there are easier methods to come up with high quality persuasive topics.

Rely on Familiar Subjects

Focus on what you already are familiar with. This is a well-known fact that you need to have some sort of background knowledge regarding the topic you have chosen in order to unleash your full potential. This indicates that there are a few topics with which you happen to be already familiar and this is going to save you plenty of time and effort. Even if you need to carry out research, having knowledge about the subject will give you an idea on how to approach it.

Be Passionate

It is good if you find a topic that you are passionate about and one which you can defend against arguments. When you care about something it shows in your writing and this is an added advantage in persuasive papers. Keep in mind that your audience will not care as much about the topic as you do.

Try to be Specific as Possible

Specificity is important. When you are developing your arguments, you should not try to cover a topic that is very broad and raises a lot of controversy. In case, your stance on a particular issue tends to be close-ended, then it is more than likely that you will either have too little to speak about or too much. Thus, it helps if you have a keen understanding of the main statement of your persuasive essay before you begin your argument.

Understand the Benefits of Your Topic

It is a good idea to take a stance on a subject that can be defended. If you are unable to come up with the right defences, then your contrasting argument will exploit your position. In this case, it is better if you rethink your subject. However, if you believe that you are in the right and the other side does not have the same level of conviction, then you should focus on maintaining your stance to the best of your abilities. Keep in mind thought that you are trying to write a good argument rather than an exposition.

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